Designed for transporting, and/or storing the Rolls-Royce Trent 500 or Trent 700 Engines in modified QEC configuration, the Air/Truck Shipping Stand consists of the: shipping base and the universal shipping cradle.

The stand is compliant with Rolls-Royce Specification FDS 593, Trent 500/-700 Multi-Purpose Stand. The stand with engine is suitable for ground transport on “Air-Ride” truck trailers. The cradle can be vertically adjusted, using manually driven ball screws, to accommodate truck shipping sway space requirements.

The casters are manually retractable to provide ample ground clearance for towing and pylon clearance for bootstrapping. Capability for bootstrapping the engine/cradle onto Airbus A340-500/600 and A330 Aircraft are incorporated into the stand.
There are two containers are secured to the base for all manuals, documents, spare mounts, and engine drain mast. The cradle pins to the base quickly and easily. The stand can be fork lifted from either side.

The stand consists of a separable base and cradle weldment. The base is supported by four shock absorbing caster assemblies. For an easy mobility, each caster assembly has a 5 inch wide by 10 inch diameter wheel, as well as weight capacity of 5,000 pounds each.