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About Gelbyson



The GELBYSON Company is strongly connected to the commercial and military aviation market as its range of activities consist in the representation, distribution and MRO of aviation related OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) systems, services and components.

Through our distributorship with major aerospace parts manufacturers we support thousands of parts to commercial costumers such as airlines, business aviation operators and MRO as well as to military organisations and government agencies worldwide. We work hard to constantly identify the products that our costumers need us to stock making sure that their requirements are met when they need to be met.

It is our aim not to be just suppliers, but with our "we can" attitude we also aim to become like partners to our costumers providing them with solutions that will allow them to constantly increase efficency while running their business. We develop programs and services specifically designed to meet our customers' needs.

As we know that product availability is representing one of the key factors supporting our clients, we constantly develop, improve and adopt advanced forecasting systems to predict our costumers' needs, thus being able stock the right parts at the right time.



We support overhaul services for electrical systems & components, survival equipment as well as Lead Acid and Ni-Cd batteries and battery packs, battery shop charger/analyzers, battery maintenance equipment and all CHRISTIE and POWERVAMP ground support equipments.

Gelbyson has been appointed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation to overhaul, inspect modify, repair and retread EASA rating C3, C5, C6 and C13 : ATA 23, 24, 25, 31 and 33 as reported on our Capability List. Gelbyson Services are provided in compliance with FAA / EASA Part-145 standards and requirements as well as UNI EN 9110:2005/AS 9110 quality management system standards.

We are audited by the Authorities and our Costumers on a regular basis which ensures that our facilities, our staff and equipment meet or even ecceed all applicable standards, and that we apply the latest CMMs released by our suppliers.